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February 05, 2007


john mcglasson

While Prince has always played guitar, his tone was hideous and his style sloppy and cheesy, so I ignored it too, but I'm with you, I saw the SNL performance and had a new respect for the man, the guy's a mega-talent for sure. He sounded great lastnight til he grabbed the 3rd guitar, that thing sounds every bit as bad as it looks! His voice is always perfect, he always seems so happy to be playing live, and the guy's gotta be close to 50, and he's in perfect shape. He's gonna be around for a long time, and history will remeber him well. Prediction? He'll try something bluesy/jazzy next, he knows he's getting new respect from guitarists, and I don't care who you are, that feels better than appreciation from non-musicians, we all want to be appreciated among our peers, even Prince. Enough gushing...


The one thing that I kept thinking about was how hard it must have been to pull off that performance in the pouring rain.


Prince has ALWAYS been an exciting guitarist, but you're rigt - he often hides his playing behind many production layers of synths & what not...what a glorious surprise to see him cut loose on his Hohner tele-style (in a monsoon, no less), lathering the neck with Hendrix-influenced riffs...I'll have to go back through the Prince catalog and mine for guitar "gems" - I'm sure there's plenty!!!


Prince rocks he is and has always been one extremely talented musician - he's the best

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