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February 08, 2007



Couldn't agree with you more Jim. It is such a shame b/c there are so many pro (Gibson) players who deserve a guitar named after them - how about Otis Rush? Rich Robinson? just to name two quickly..

This should be a regular feature on the site!

william cook

i dare a guitar company to give me a free good guitar i will give you so much free publicity what more free add than that i played the guitar when i broke my hand even with a cast on it give a poor regular guy like me a break gibson fender anyone you got the balls to give a regular player not some rich star a nice guitar to be played not to put in a vault i need a damn guitar and you will get so much free publicity you will be flooded with calls come on my birthday is may 18 anything you can spare i am a regular guy not some rock star who never uses your product prs ibanez gibson fender esp please thank you stay in school don't do drugs

Chris Gordon

With your Ibanez comments I think you are right on the money but didn't realise it. In actual fact it's true that the Jem never sounded good in the first place so it doesn't matter what it's made of.

With Gibson on the other hand I agree with you. I don't think there is anything inspirational about KS period, let alone guitar wise. I am suprised they didn't make it with '24' frets ;)


fuck u i dont care what you say jems are fn awsome so that is bull shit other authors deserve that ....... vai fucking deserves this shit so fuck you

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