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January 09, 2007


william cook

what about dimebag darrell over rated i haven't really heard that much but what i mean is in the magazines that all you see randy rhodes dimebag darrell

john mcglasson

OF all the over-rated players out there today, you choose Randy Rhoads? An odd choice, considering he's one of the most beloved players in rock guitar history. He changed my life, he gave me an appreciation of classical guitar and classical music in general that's grown since. Rhoads strayed from the usual happy pentatonics we'd heard in blues-based rock from Page,VH, etc., it was dark and powerful, listen to Mr. Crowley, Revelation Mother Earth, Diary of a Madman, and then decide. You don't appear to have gone much deeper then Crazy Train in your analysis and dismissal of his playing. Over-rated? Let's talk about Kirk Hammett...


Do your Randy Rhoads homework.
"Whammy bar"? Crazy Train was
recorded on a 1963 Gibson. No
whammy bar.

Randy Rhoads bent the strings
to make a whammy bar effect.
He fooled you!

You can find Randy Rhoads QR
videos on You Tube.

A "hair band" guitarist named
Brad Gillis tried to finish
the Diary of a Madman tour. He
failed miserably at playing
Randy Rhoads songs.

What you don't "get" is Randy
Rhoads played perfect. Fast
is not as important as perfect.
Kirk Hammet proves my point!

Randy talked only about music.
He talked about chords and technique. He was the perfect

Obviously, you've never seen
Randy Rhoads live. WHILE HE
WAS ALIVE people swarmed around
him. He attracted more fans
than Ozzy at a show!


I think the thing you have to realize is that RR was doing what became the Ozzy albums in '77 and '78. Vai, Malmsteen and the hair-shredder generation came along after Randy Died.

The trailblazer tag is given to him because he started the neo-classical guitar movement, he wasn't just a part of it. And, this was done in EVH clone-valley L.A. in the midst of VH's newfound popularity.

To each his own, I guess. I've not really ever understood the Stevie Ray Vaughan thing either, but it's in a genre that I don't know or much care about.

Neil Donoghue

I have Diary of a Madman on now and his playing is good but no way would he be near a top class player...his timing is off Jake E Lee was far better ..Van Halen imo is untouchable :)))

Bug Slayer

Sadly, the Internet and Google occaisionally have us self-important twits like Larry, bloviating their articles with whimsical remarks entertaining only to them.
You have to look at the TIME where things took place - the history. The fact you mention Yngwie clinches the fact you don't understand the timeline and will never "get" Randy or his contribution. By the way guys, wasn't Hannibal foolish to cross the alps on foot? He could have simply hopped on an aircraft carrier and landed on the shores of Italy!
Randy's timing was impeccable. This is well documented and recorded. Why not simply call this article, "Gee, I'm still made Randy Rhoads exceeded EVH in popularity in the 90s"?. Being honest can relieve yourself the responsibility of packing your review with such boring fluff.


lolllllllllllllll the guy who wrote this article is a loser!!!

I never heard a solo like the one on Mr crowley from the guys you named...

Tyler Suehr

The reason Randy got all the awards he got was for the heart he put into his solos. Unlike Malmsteen or Van-Halen, Rhoads didnt make his solos based on how fased they could be played, or how much "finger-tapping" could be in them. He made them very strucured and using as much technique and classical scaling he could such as "Diminished", and "Hermonic minors and majors". Unlike Malmsteen or Van-Halen...ect. Rhoads spent months at a time strucuring his solos. Just listen to the "Mr. Crowley", "Revelation(Mother Earth)", and his spotlight solos with Quiet Riot. Again it's not of how fast he could play his solos it's of how much time he spent strucuring them to sound amazing, and the heart he put into them. That is why he got all of his awards, and he definatlly deserves them too. Just listen to any of Rhoads solos and you'll get what im saying instanly.

Wayne Keller

First of all your a very shallow person to call anyone a what-coulda-been. Just visit Musonia Music school and see my friend Mrs. Rhoads. There you will find the magic behind Randy Rhoads and all he strove for in his life. He was a jewel in the rough and his family kept him strong at heart and mind. His playing was exceptionally first rate and people are still trying to emulate his sound, character and musicianship. It was a pity for his early death as he would have gotten better at his craft. The Malsteem's, Vai's are everywhere playing a million miles an hour while Randy, Eddie, and Tom Sholtz showed style in thier music and raw talent. Get a life and keep practicing till you get it!


EVH was not just about tapping or speed but constant innovation. His use of harmonics, tapping, tremolo picking, exotic scales, whammy bar, volume knob, pickup selector,etc combined with impeccable technique and phrasing alone makes him an all time great. If he would have died in 86 or so he would be considered to be the p4p best today. If Randy Rhoads was alive today after a long career he would not be praised nearly as much.


RR died. just like you will some day.
keep looking forward as you practice your craft. inspire the next guy. pass along everything that you create freely to those who can appreciate it. then, only then will they support you, and lift you, and you will be inspired by that, and then you will return it back to them again, one thousand fold.

Air Jordan shoes

As anybody understands respect is one of the most imperative amongst people's existence. Only respect one another to obtain along properly and I feel that leaving one's opinion is often a behavior of respect. Do you feel so?

yer daddy

dude...go eat a bag of dicks...there's one name i didn't see appear in any of those lists - yours...if you were a real musician, you would spend more time writing original material than learning other folks tabs anyhow

RR forever

Whoever wrote this piece of shit article, is a fucking retard, plain and simple. LOSER!!

Yahoo Serious Jr.

I think Mr. Dobrow has penis envy.


Seriously man I feel truly truly sorry for you man. Wow. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but do your homework a little better.

paul donahue


Vince Kirk

SEIRIOUSLY, FAIL!!! You are ignorant and YES, you DO NOT GET IT!


I refuse to flame anyone for their thesis of something that they so obviously don't understand. In the grand scheme of things, Malmsteen was a GREAT player. Groundbreaking? Maybe not so much so. How many times does one read that Malmsteen is influincing KIDS from JAPAN 25+ years after his last hit record? What exactly is Eddie Van Halens BEST, and I mean BEST work, Eruptiion? LOL
Had it not been for Randy Rhoads, Ozzy's career might not have taken off at all after his ousting from Sabbath, or it might have taken the "generic" turn; compared to the likes of Crue. But instead, with RANDY'S enourmous contribution, Ozzy's solo career took off with a bang. Randy was a musical teacher before he was famous, he was not pompous or arrogant, and he played with the finesse of a CLASSICAL MUSICIAN. An "over-rated player" (as the author so kindly described) is someone like Vai, who is constantly overplaying himself, has had 15+ years to cultivate his style, but guess what? Nobody is fighting over HIM to be on THEIR records, nobody is wondering to themselves "what could have been" and I can't even NAME one Steve Vai song because to ME, Vai isn't interesting. He gets a good melody and plays it over and over, driving it like a race car around the track, never making a NEW turn and always driving the same line.
I think generally nowdays people are afriad of the unknown. If they can't predict what is going to happen then they are afraid of the outcome. Personally, this is what I love about Randy Rhoads; when I turn on the song "Tonight" I am quickly taken away to a musical paradise, I am reminded that Randy was on his way to becoming a COMPOSER, not a "guitar hero". To say that Randy's guitar lesson in disguse song "Crazytrain" is a "kickoff to a pre-NFL footbal" game communicates to me that the author understands what has been pounded into the public's mentality for the last 20 years at least:
Real creativityis NOT welcome and soundbyte, one hit wonders are welcome to the masses.
Respectfully sir,YOU may call DEE a "jingle Jangle" but that song was written to his MOTHER and until you have something better to offer the musical community I suggest that you do you're homework. Unlike many musicians, the Rhoads family are very kind and sincere people, maybe that's why they don't earn you're respect; and that is truly sad.
I do have one suggestion. Try to play crazytrain without a "whammy bar", LOL!



Oddly sir I agree with you to some degree Rhoads work with QR is dismal ,but the love affair with the story is how in the brief career he had with Ozzy.He stepped up and improved by leaps and bounds.Sure he was fast that came from 8 hours of teaching guitar everyday,sure he did Eddie van halen tricks and hendrix licks,but the really cool thing was Randy could tell you WHY they were played that way.Yes it is common knowledge that Randy was going to leave Ozzy,and we never got to hear what may have become,but perhaps sir he was just as hip as you and wanted to show and tell us what we should be listening to.Who knows maybe after talking to Randy you would have walked saying to Yourself "we get it sir ,your informed....."

jay jay

there is not too many guitarist that almost 30 years later people are still talking about dead or alive. hendrix yeah rhoads yeah page not so often ace freely not realy. once in a generation someone will come along and change the way people will look at the way music is made and others will follow thier lead. hendrix did it and rhoads did it melding metal style with classical. you may have your opinion and this is mine.


Fuck you asswhole!!! Rhoads was/is the one and only Guitar God, your one fuckin idiot if you dont hear what rhoads did, he was able to mix scales, and play songs with 5 diffrent time signatures while playing the solo off beat!!!! have you heard his classical work you dick!!! rhoads was not human!!!, he was a God!! and if you like eruption by eddie, im sure you'll be glad to know that half the licks were stolen from rhoad's laughing gas! you dont deserve to live you fuckin idiot, your a descrace to all guitarists around the world!



watch and listen, its not always about speed, its emotion mixed with a amount of speed! its to good to be true!!! and if you dont see it then your a fuckin' idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.I.P Randy Rhoads

Ace Steele

I feel sorry for you. As someone who was fortunate enough to know Randy Rhoads personally while he was alive, it was plain to see what an exceptional talent he was. For you to not "get it", I pity you. I can only hope that some day you recover from your tin ear.

Frank Rizzo

Yes, I'm not at all surprised that you didn't "get" Randy Rhoads... you clearly don't have so much as two neurons to rub together. I suggest that you remove the cocks from your ears and mouth and gave him a listen once again, and I believe you'll finally "get" him. Ok, the cock in your mouth won't make any difference, but at least you'll look a lot less ridiculous.

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