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September 26, 2006


Jim McAllister

I'm afraid we're going to have to agree to disagree on the subject of Pete Townshend. Admittedly my bias against him goes right back to the 1960s when he smashed every guitar he played. As a dirt-poor working class kid who couldn't afford even one guitar I quickly came to totally despise Townshend for smashing guitars I couldn't even dream of owning. I never really got The Who. I mean, Moon grossly overplayed on every song, Daltrey's voice had no warmth or timbre in it, and Townshend was of garage band guitar playing ability at best. The shining light in that band was John Entwistle. He was the virtuoso. That's why they had as many bass solos as guitar solos. And the bass solos were better!
I'll be the first to admit that Townshend could write a catchy song. I will also admit that I loathed "Tommy" to a degree I don't have the vocabulary to express. OK it was the sixties and excesses were the norm but I hated Tommy. Roger Daltrey's voice didn't suit a quarter of the songs and the whole concept was overblown in the extreme. As for their "comeback" songs just prior to poor Keith's passing, "Who Are You" and "You Better You Bet", they were pitiful even by the Who's sandards. I wish they'd never seen the light of day. If this sees print I'll probably be villified for my opinions but I give them none the less.


Larry do yourself a favor and listen to some Tommy Emmanual (he's featured this month LOL) before you right your next column

david macpherson

I saw The Who in london, ontario canada back in September/06. The Band kicked ass! Daltery and Townshend totally worked well together and joked. As far as not liking the Who because Pete townshend broke his guitar get a life! When pete first did it, it was by accident and the crowd loved it, maybe you hate Jimmy hendrix to for lighting his guitar on fire? The new album endless wire is excellent, just takes time to get to use to it but it's worth it. As far as The Who concert they would blow away any band half their age of the stage. As far as any Who music they were and are ahead of anybody else in music. The new fans are proving that. As far as musical arrangements The Who is way above The Rolling Stones And even The Beatles! Peace
Now Who Are You!

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