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July 17, 2006


Dave Hendricks

Great intro to some great players Bill.

How about Lloyd Green? While certainly no cross-over artist, he is widely held to be one of the best PSG players, especially among his peers. Check him out, he's been in re-release lately.

Bill McCloskey

Oh Boy,

Here it comes..


I knew as soon as I mentioned one player, I'd get someone mad because I left out their favorite!

The fact is that there are many many many many great players not mentioned in the article - including one of my favorites Reece Anderson!

Additional players are left as a research project for the student. :)

Joey Ace

I enjoy reading your articles, Bill.

I am usually not concerned with spelling, but please note the rock band Paul toured and recorded with is "Dire Straits".

Tom Bradshaw should be given credit (or is it blame) for inventing the term "Copedent".


Bill McCloskey

Thanks for the correction Joey,

Be on hand for a lot more: I'm a lousy proof reader.

Larry Strawn

Bill, excellent article, I really enjoyed reading it.

Clay Eals


Wonderful to see your reference to Steve Goodman having worn your cowboy hat in 1972 at a club in Denver. You may know about my biography, "Steve Goodman: Facing the Music," but if not, please see my web site, clayeals.com. The book is in second printing, and in case it goes to a third, I would like to talk with you and get your anecdote into the book. Please contact me.

Clay Eals
1728 California Ave. S.W. #301
Seattle, WA 98116-1958

(206) 935-7515 home
(206) 484-8008 cell
[email protected]

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