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June 27, 2006


Tobie Schalkwyk

Bill, I really enjoyed reading your article on starting off with a resonator guitar. You perfectly reflect what happened to me: started off with lapsteel, got bored after 6 months. Purchased a S10 Sierra PSG, got totally discouraged by its complexity after about 18 months of little progress (no co-players around to tap from - the PSG is a rare instrument in South Africa). Purchased a dobro to learn a bit more about 'music' first (the dobro is just as rare as the PSG in South Africa). Fooled around for about 6 months on dobro, then picked up PSG playing again a couple of months ago. This time there was light! I find playing the PSG much easier now and make rapid progress, compared to a year ago. Now it's just a matter of time and practice, practice, practice...!

Regards, Tobie Schalkwyk
(PS: looking forward to your next article)

Bill McCloskey

Thanks Tobie.
That is what it is all about. Look for some really cool stuff in the future.

Charles Cottrell

I started on lap steelin the 50s then went to psg around 79 for about 15yrs now got my first dobro and trying to get a handle on it love it


Bill, thanks for the articles, I am just wandering really quickly into the world of lap steel . . . I have been listening to Xavier Rudd and Ben Harper for years now and have become increasingly uninspired with guitar playing; so . . . my first lap steel is being delivered next week and I am struggling to find where to begin. I have already spent many hours searching the net looking for a truly beginners guide to lap steel playing only to be bamboozled by concepts I have not grasped. In your opinion (and you seem like a straight down the line player) where should I start?

I guess i will just pick it up


see what happens,


Bill McCloskey


I just finished "Getting Started on Pedal Steel" and I'll attack "Getting Started on Lap Steel" next. It should answer a lot of your questions. Congratulations on starting down a great musical path.

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